Friday, November 7, 2014

Let's See.....

WordPress had just become to frustrating to figure out, or I am not that web smart, so I moved to blogger. What will this blog be about? Well let me tell you. It will be about many different things but mostly about books, especially mine, shows, movies and other various stuff.

My genres of choice include horror, supernatural, paranormal and science fiction. I won't beat around the bush, give me a zombie flick or show and I am on it. With that being said, I am an avid watcher of The Walking Dead (yes, I do read the comics) and recently Z Nation, which I will blog about in the future. Oh, and add one more, Town of the Living Dead, the latter two being on SyFy.

About my books. I tend to write in the above genres I mentioned with 'Morium' being a mash up of all them with a touch of fantasy thrown in. With 'Morium' I wanted to tackle some serious issues (one of them I had to deal with in my high school years) and the fantasy element allowed me to explore the darker side effects of these issues. I don't ant to get ahead of myself here for I will blog about the meaning of my debut novel soon.

That's all. That's it for now. Thanks for checking my first post and please spread the word.


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