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BOOK REVIEW: Numbers: Where Their Story Begins by Elizabeth A Cooper

For my first review I bring you the YA novel Numbers: Where Their Story Begins.  Mrs. Coopers book will get the honor of being the first review I have ever done so please forgive my review style, for I hope to get better the more books I review. I won't go into detail of the plot for that would basically be giving the book away, plus, there are some nice twists and turns so it would be hard without ruining the surprises. 


The story revolves around two teenagers; Destiny (Des) and Chris who are part of a special group of people known as The Numbers. They have the fortune of having good luck, and beating the odds. When they turn a certain age, a number will appear, burned into their sides. When two people have the same number, it is to show that they are meant to be together. Through the years the two have been moving from town to town. Chris, who lost his parents in an accident, seemed to be more on the run than Des. They need to move around to stay one step ahead from a group known as the Necromores, whose intent is to eliminate The Numbers. Des is the key to stopping the Necromores by finding the Sacred Garden to bring peace to her kind.


Des and Chris are the two main characters and with a fair amount of back story, sets the plot up nicely. Though I would have liked to have read more why Destiny's family were special in regards to the Numbers, hopefully Mrs. Cooper will address this in future books. Des is a strong female lead character who is eager to finish her quest to save her people. After settling in a new town, Chris, with his un-canning ability to fix clocks (and hot wire cars), gets a job at where else; a clock repair shop. Out of all the characters, I really enjoyed Chris with his desire to protect Des and to assist on her journey. I did feel a chemistry between the two, but their feelings for each other came on rather quickly.

Chloe and her boyfriend Darren round off nice secondary characters, but are absent throughout the middle of the book.

The baddies are the Necromores, a race of that can disguise themselves as normal people, but underneath they are creatures with black eyes, pale skin, and razor sharp teeth who need the blood of the Numbers to make the Necromores like them.


The book is written in the POV of both Destiny, and Chris. While stated in the beginning of each chapter as to whom the characters POV would be, I did find myself stopping to remember who it was that I was reading. It was not enough to deter from what otherwise is an extremely faced paced book. Mrs. Cooper kept the flow going nicely with very little drag as Chris and Des are being pursued by the Necromores. There were several instances that I glanced down at the page numbers and was surprised how far along in the book I was. A few times I wished that the book slowed down just a bit to get more into detail of the characters thoughts and feelings, especially Des's. Numbers is well written for a YA novel and an easy read, and when I say an easy read, that is not a knock, but a compliment. There were few things that had me scratching my head, one being when Des returns to school and slides back in as if nothing ever happened, but that is minor.


Numbers: Where Their Story Begins is a fast paced, enjoyable read. The ending sets up the next book perfectly and I am anxious to see where Mrs. Cooper takes this series. If you like adventurous YA novels, then Numbers would be the book for you.

A solid 4.5 out of 5
I want to thank Elizabeth Cooper for giving me a copy of her book for an honest review. I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to the next one.

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