Friday, December 12, 2014

Interview with Raven Huffman, Author of the Upcoming Series, The Tribe

Tell the readers a little about yourself...

    Well my name is Raven, I’m 20 years old and have a one year old son named Hilo (pronounced he-low).. Although I call Illinois home but I have lived all over the United States and currently reside in the North Dakota tundra. I’m not a usual 20 year old girl; I enjoy reading, writing and traveling, avidly. But I have realized that my differences make me something special as a person. And If I could describe myself in one word it would be unique.

What inspired you to become an author?

    Ever since I was a youngin, I loved to write. Instantly I could make stories up in my head and just feel such passion for something that I made up! I remember being nine when I first attempted to write a novel. Looking back now, it was set up to be a failure. My handwriting was (and still sort of is) hard to read, especially when I am full of emotion. I can’t make heads or tails of the story now. But writing is my way of helping people. Deep down I’ve always had an urge to help others. That’s why in my novels I expose issues, foreign cultures or controversial topics that people like to avoid. I want to create a peaceful world with acceptance and understanding. Writing is the only thing that makes sense, because I can’t shut the author voice off. It continues to grow as time passes on, even if I am not writing.

What is your favorite genre to read and why?

    Isn’t that just the hardest question of them all? Honestly, no ONE genre sparks my interest more. Basically, the beginning mood and tone of a novel within the first 10 pages are the deciding factors of whether I would like the book. With an author or character that clashes too much with my reading flow, I can’t seem to enjoy the novel. But I enjoy the classics a lot. Poe and Doyle really set the way for my writing. Although they wrote about grim topics, the way they have captured such elegance in writing is purely inspiring to me.

Who is your favorite author?

    Anyone who knows me truly knows my love of Arthur Conan Doyle. His fictional character, Sherlock Holmes has always been a favorite of mine, even before the movies and TV shows. Not saying that he is my favorite writer, because it is insanely hard to narrow down such talent to one person, but his stories of Watson and Holmes have impacted me tremendously as an author.

What was the last book you read?

    The Druggist of Auschwitz, which is a documentary novel with just a dash of fictional voice to keep the flow of the novel real. But like I said before, I enjoy all types of genres. Historical is one that is deeply enjoyed by my heart, I have an undying love of history. And personally, this book is part of my own history. My grandfather is Polish, and people of our family were held in concentration camps until Hitler’s rule in Germany. What this book does for me is reminds me where we have come from. History books should do that. Gives the reader a taste of what people suffered, and hopefully, is preventing the past from repeating itself. Keeping such books alive is a dying art. One that we all must share.

Are you currently working on a book, if so, tell us about it and expected release date.

    Yes, I am working on a series at the moment. It’s called The Tribe. It involves a young quiet girl, Anouk, who never has had any friends, nor interest in human connections; she’s content to read her books for the rest of her life. But once this new student at her school instantly attaches to her side, she learns to open up and see the outside world as a beautiful place too. Biyen, the handsome Native American new kid, quickly brings Anouk out of her shell and forms an intense bond with her. As their friendship continues to grow, outsiders threaten her life and their happiness when it is revealed that Biyen has a special power that has been hunted for centuries. It is a great combination of paranormal romance, coming of age, and supernatural thriller. Book 1 is titled Cursed Hearts, and it is set to release at the beginning of January 2015.

Where do you find it more relaxing to write?

    It isn’t really where, as a location, but where as in a mindset. What I love to do before writing is take come quiet time, with peaceful meditation. Clearly out all the issues going on in my personal life helps me focus on the words that I write for my stories. Being relaxed and focused on one goal vastly impacts the style, and emotion behind my writing.

Do you plot your books out or do you ‘write as you go’?

    Haha “plot out the books” Well as a first time author, I tried so hard to plot the storyline. But once you are in that moment, it becomes apparent that it isn’t working. Personally, I feel that when you are too rigid on your story line, it doesn’t sound realistic. Only in that moment can you know what you’d do or say, so attempting to plan all of it out is just crazy talk. That’s like trying to have a timeline of your own life; it doesn’t ever go according to plan. Besides, when you let the story take you places, genuine tones can be detected by the readers. The reading experience is so much better when the author goes with the flow and sees where the story takes you.

How do you handle writers block?

    I let it come to me. I don’t force myself to write. When I have the itch in my hands, I get to work. But there is nothing worse than sitting there trying to force yourself to write. Taking a step back, or just writing whatever you feel like can help you overcome such obstacles. Blogging, for me, is great because I can write about what I want to. Clears out my mind, then other ideas pertaining to my novel might come. But all I can say to new, or old, writers is don’t force it. Writers should enjoy what they are doing. Let the words come naturally, and they’ll sound ten times sweeter.

Where can readers find you?

    I use my own personal Facebook page for author updates. So a fan can just follow me on Facebook by typing in my name (Raven Huffman)… From there I am basically on every site. Goodreads, twitter, Google+, Instagram.. I do have my own writing/author blog which is Writer’s Block on blogspot

Top 5 reasons why you want to become a writer.

1.       I can sleep in until noon without getting fired J

2.       It’s something I love. People say that if you do something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. Writing makes me money, but it’s not work. I’d do it even if I was doing nothing with the stories.

3.       I never come empty handed to the Thanksgiving table. “No, Grandma. I don’t have a boyfriend, but I did publish a book. So knit that on a sweater.”

4.       I can kill anyone I want to and it is seen as acceptable.

5.       No one is going to think that you don’t work hard. All you have to say, “Oh did you write a book? No? I didn’t think so.”

I want to thank Mrs. Huffman for taking time to stop by and giving me the opportunity to interview her. I enjoyed reading the answers, particularly her response on plotting a novel. We wish you the best with your novel and look forward to its release in January.


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