Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Blog Post About... Nothing

What should I blog about? That is the question that is roaming through my cavernous empty mind as I sit here gazing at this white menacing screen. It is taunting me like a craving for something that I do not know. Is it a need to write about putting a story together, or simply a funny story? Oh the dilemma (it took me several tries to spell that) of thinking of a post as I sit here racking my head against the keyboard. I'm an author, a writer, I should have not an ounce of difficulty stringing together a few paragraphs but yet, here I sit, lost in a sea of unorganized words and thoughts.
I could turn on the television but what would I get out of that? To put simply, at this time of day I would learn that it is a bad idea to sleep with my wives cousins sister-in-laws mother, who is related somehow by fathers sisters daughter whose dog was owned by her step daughter. Sounds confusing? Yeah, it does to me as well. Watch the news? Nah, I think I've had enough about murders, and death for now. Only interesting news is that Jon Lester has signed with the Chicago Cubs. Could it be that I will possibly see a Cubs World Series in my lifetime?

I can go into a rant that I have not picked up a book in a long time, which brings up a point, when does everyone find time to read? I have a hard enough time attempting to finish my book yet alone reading. I need to find a way to add a few extra hours onto my day. My New Years resolution will be to read and support my fellow indie authors.

Well look at that. I strung together three paragraphs about nothing. I guess it was not so hard after all.

Keep writing my fellow authors and bloggers, may the wind be at your backs as you move forward.

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