Monday, January 26, 2015

Guest Blog by YA Author Elizabeth A Cooper

I am pleased to have a guest blogger today, Elizabeth A Cooper. She has a new short story coming out tomorrow titled, Terrible Me, and she was gracious enough to stop by and tell us how it came to be.

Mrs. Cooper, the floor is yours.

I'm still trying to get used the word author. My voice becomes soft and I whisper, I'm an author. Admitting the words still seem foreign to me. Yet here I am on the verge of releasing my second book. I want to give you an insight to my writing and how I came up with the idea for Terrible Me.

terrible me
Terrible Me follows a young girl named Molly. She has the power to persuade others. Her emerald green eyes lore others into her trap. She can't fight the compulsion to steal and she commits robbery after robbery. Towns begin naming her the Emerald Thief, after her alluring green eyes. She takes on higher stakes to fill her needs. Until she meets a detective named Rebecca. Someone with the same emerald green eyes as Molly. Rebecca wants to use the Emerald Thief for her own plans. Will Molly survive them?

When I came up with the character of Molly AKA the Emerald Thief. I had many of my own struggles in mind. I believe our innate human nature is to be evil, to be terrible. We can either succumb to those addictions and cravings or we can fight to rise above. We don't have to have powers of persuasion to use our minds, body or thoughts for awful, radical actions. Just take a look at the news. The stories are filled with people who have let their terrible identity overtake them.

For Rebecca I thought of the goodness in the world. Those who fight our human nature and rise above. Although, even when we try to follow the right path, our own desires and wants can cloud our judgement. Molly's life hangs in the balance and Rebecca has to decide whether her desires are more important than Molly's life.

We all have suffered loss, loss of those that hold a near and dear place in our hearts. We often say, I would do anything to get them back. But what if that cost was someone else.

Terrible me tells a story of life, loss and rising above our challenges. Find out how Rebecca and Molly's journey unfolds. Terrible Me will be able for free on January 27th. You can download a copy at

Thank you Elizabeth for taking the time to share that with my readers.

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