Sunday, January 11, 2015

Interview with Author Eeva Lancaster

My interview this week is with author Eeva Lancaster. I want to thank Eeva for taking the time out of her busy schedule for this interview.

Thanks for giving me a space on your blog, and congratulations on the success of your book, Morium.

Tell the readers a little about yourself

I’m a wife, a writer and an Executive Assistant from the Philippines. I’ve been a freelance writer for a couple of years and I’ve ghostwritten dozens of books. I’m new to self-publishing. 
My first book is a poetry compilation entitled, "In Loving You: A Journey of Love and Self Discovery." I love to rhyme. It was my first encounter with writing. 
My 2nd book is the first of my Now What? Series, which addresses different life questions. “You’re Getting Married Soon… Now What?” was written for newly engaged couples but can benefit all couples out there. I’m a non-fiction writer. I believe in sharing wisdom gained from life experiences, in the hopes that it may guide those who are walking the same path. Many people are looking for answers…. maybe I have some.

When I'm not writing or working, I love to read to unwind, maybe watch a favorite series or two, or three, or go on a marathon. I love to go on road trips. Beaches are my favorite destination since I love to snorkel. Nothing is more peaceful to me than being under the ocean.

What inspired you to become an author?

 A couple of years ago, my mom passed away and it made me very introspective for a time… Writing healed me. I was ghostwriting for many clients, and I figured, why not write my own? I have many stories to tell and learning’s to share.

What is your favorite genre to read and why? 

My taste in books is eclectic. It actually grew with me. I started with Nancy Drew then moved on to Sweet Dreams, then Danielle Steel. Then I started reading Jeffrey Archer, Stephen King, Anne Rice, Robert Ludlum, Dan Brown and moved on to more complicated books like Ayn Rand’s. I will read anything except history and war. Why read those when there are documentaries?! I’d rather watch the action.

Who is your favorite author?

 I love Arthur Clarke’s Sci-Fi novels. But the books that really had an influence on me are Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead. I don’t have a favorite. I love them in different ways.

What was the last book you read? 

The Book of Life by Deborah Harkness. Yes, I’m into vampires and witches too!

Are you currently working on a book, if so, tell us about it and expected release date

Yes, my 3rd book, “You want to be an ONLINE FREELANCER… Now What?” is due for release by the end of January…. If I finish it on time! I intend for it to be a template, a step by step guide for people who want to work from home or venture into online freelancing to augment their income. Who doesn’t need the extra money, right? I’m a pretty successful freelancer, but when I started out, I knew nothing about it. I made many mistakes and wasted a lot of time. Hopefully, with this book, readers will be able to start an online freelancing career immediately. Mind you, it’s not like one of those Get-Rich-Quick schemes. My book will not just map out the process and lead readers to the right websites. More importantly, it will explain the mindset of successful freelancers.

Where do you find it more relaxing to write? 

I’d prefer to write by the beach, and sometimes we go out of town so I can do just that. But then the beach beckons me and I go snorkeling instead! They compete for my attention! On regular days, all I need is a table, my laptop and a cup of coffee and I’m all set.

Do you plot your books out or do you ‘write as you go’? 

Both. I mull over the topic for a while, research on it, start writing a few paragraphs and then I drop it and do something else. Then when it’s near my self-imposed deadline, I attack it until it’s finished. That’s the best way to describe my writing process. It’s so unromantic, huh? Hahaha!

How do you handle writers block? 

Right now, what I’m going through is writer overdrive. There are many books in my head waiting to be written. Add to that, 4 blogs to maintain and several freelance writing contracts. I don’t have time for writer’s block.

Where can readers find you?

Thank you Eeva. May the New Year bring much success.


  1. Busy woman! If not for a day job (pharmacy pays the bills) I suspect I'd find myself in a similar situation.
    Hooray for you, Eeva!

  2. I think she has a day job as well. Great interview, I really enjoyed the insight :)

  3. Yup I have a day job, a freelance writing career and 4 blogs to maintain. :)