Thursday, January 1, 2015

Author Interview with Michelle Murray

This weeks interview is with Michelle Murray, author of the YA fantasy series The Dream Walker: Land of Mystica Series. 

Thank you Michelle for taking time to answer these questions. Can you tell the readers about yourself:

I am a working married mother of two fine young men. When not writing, I love to read and do crafts. I especially enjoy painting Christmas crafts and flower pots. I also enjoy going for walks, and spending time with my family. I have no pets at this time though previously we had cats and a lizard! I also love to hear my son play drums and cymbals in the marching band!

What inspired you to be an author?
This is a hard one! I always loved to write. It is a passion for me. I've been told to stop; it's a waste of time. To create pictures and stories from a blank piece of paper is a bit like magic! I like being able to put emotions, inner most feelings down also. I hope my poetry and stories inspire others. My book was inspired by an idea I had and my children. I wanted to write a young adult book for all ages without all of the adult overtones a lot of these books seem to have.

What is your favorite genre to read and why?

This is a tossup between fantasy and classic literature. Fantasy stories have always appealed to me, especially where the hero is an ordinary person or hobbit like The Hobbit and they overcome odds to complete their quests. Dragon Lance, The Rose and the Thorn are a few of my favorite series. Classics are always a good read. The adventures of Huck Finn, The Iliad, the Scarlet Letter, you can read these stories over and over and still enjoy them.
Who is your favorite author?
This is like asking which child I like best! Lol! I have a few, Margaret Weis (dragon Lance as mentioned above) Mark Twain, Shakespeare, Colleen Houck of the Tigers curse series, and most recently Michael Sullivan (the Rose and the thorn as mentioned above) he started out as a self published author also!

What is the last book you read?

The last book I read was Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson (Mistborn series) I loved it! It was like a comic book come to life! I didn't care for Mistborn, but this book was an action packed enjoyable read! Plus I would be comfortable with recommending it to teens/Tweens.

What are you working on?

I am currently working on the third book in the Dream Walker Series. It is a race to see who will find the last white stone with Polaris trapped inside first. Spyder, the last dark wizard and his band of pirates are on the hunt! Miranda only has a young girl, the spirit of her dead boyfriend and a sourly Prince as her allies. Strange forces are at work. Can Miranda find and release Polaris before Spyder and his band of pirates destroy the stone he is trapped in? Stay tuned to find out . . .  The fate of Mystica lies in the hands of the person who finds Polaris stone first.
I also am working on a poetry book.
Both of these I hope to have released by the end of this year 2015 not sure of the exact time yet!
Stay tuned to my Facebook page for updates

Where do you find it more relaxing to write?

When the weather permits, I like to write outside. The views of nature, the sound of birds, the pretty colors of landscapes always inspires me. However, I am usually writing on the couch while listening to the TV or checking on my young men (homework, band practice, Ect) I recently bought a blanket with quotes from classic literature stitched on it and I find it inspiring to cuddle and write under!

Do you plot your books out or write as you go?
A little bit of both! I generally start with an idea, a rough outline of where the story is going and fill in the gaps as I go. With my poetry, it's more write as I go I start with a line, a word, a phrase, or an image and just write away! Stories are a little trickier due to their length and details, so I find a rough outline helpful, though sometimes the story doesn't always follow it!

How do you handle writers block?

The best way for me is to go for a walk, go to a scenic lookout. The views of nature always inspire me! Look to the stars, sunsets, sunrises, rainbows, flowers, mountains! Talking about my ideas helps with What do you think of this? That is if my son doesn't have his headphones on! (He loves to listen to music with headphones)

Where can readers find you?

I love to hear from my readers, fans, fellow authors,
Twitter: @murray_mlmurray

Top five reason why I want to be an author

1. To inspire others
2. To share my talent
3. To leave something my children would be proud of and can be passed on (Does that count as two? Lol)
4. I can't imagine not writing.
5. Because people told me to stop and I couldn't do it because it was a waste of time to write.
Boo to these people! Who are they to tell me not to pursue my dream?

Thank you for your time Mrs. Murray. Keep an eye out for my review of volume one of The Dream Walker.

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