Friday, March 13, 2015

Short rambling post about being bored

I'm bored. No other way to put it. Well, I should add that I'm stuck at work. Actually, I have been sitting in one spot for over thirty minutes waiting to get a safety inspection for one of the work vans. So what have I done for the past half hour you might ask, well, let me tell you.

I've watched the battery icon on my iPhone drop from 76% to 55%. I spent ten minutes tweeting and retweeting (I chuckle every time I say that. Don't ask me why) Shared some stuff Google+. Watched several planes take off, wishing I was on one of them. Look at the time, it's been thirty five minutes and my battery is now at 52%. 

Excited because I get to move up a few feet. Funny how just a little thing like moving excites you when your really bored. Oh, look, 52%. Started writing this post which I have no idea of what it is truly about other than to share my boredom with my readers. 

It's 63 degrees out. Hell is not freezing over in Chicago. 50%. Damn, I'm loosing charge fast, but I moved another few feet. Awesome. It's now been forty, no wait, fourty five minutes, umm, I don't remember. 

THE WALKING DEAD has been really slow the past two episodes. Just wish they would introduce Neegan, and bring back Morgan. Z Nation should be starting again soon. 

Well my friends, thank you for being bored with me. I wasn't sure as to what to blog about, but, I just blabbered  on about nothing. Until next time, may the winds be at your back in whatever your goal is.


  1. iPhone should add that to their advertising. "Watch the iPhone bar go down and be entertained.."

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