Friday, May 29, 2015

Guest post by author Julie Ann Hacker

The Dead Dance Faster – Unsacred Awakening

This week is a guest blog post by Julie Ann Hacker. Her first novel, The Dead Dance Faster – Unsacred Awakening, is set for release on June 2nd. Thank you Julie for taking the time to stop by and give insight on your upcoming release.

Julie Ann, the floor is you
What was it like writing The Dead Dance Faster – Unsacred Awakening? Unsacred, of course, S.J.
At times grueling—I languished in the miry pit with Jael, TDDF’s protagonist, for many days on end. And at times, I suffered through the antagonist’s personal sanctum of religious manipulation. You know, nothing scares me more than fear. I’m being serious here. (Many times I’m not. Now I am.) You know the fear I speak of, the one kept hidden in the deep wells of our sub-conscious. Haunting qualms: Foreboding dread: Subtle mental torture that you don’t even feel—it’s just that slowly filtered into our minds. Those fears creep out all over the place without acknowledgement. The ones we can’t explain; chilling and natural at the same time.

FEAR of succumbing to the belief that another human being would willingly suck the soul right out of my mind and body is the worst. These people can be very clever, unless you learn what to look for. So, I decided to write a series of books about the angst one feels when they realize they’ve been caught in a psychopath’s narcissistic trap, and guide them through the experience along with Jael—holding her hand, so to speak.
So, yes, again, this was not easy writing nor will it continue to be in the following books, 2, 3 & 4. But they are the most rewarding for me. I love every moment. I love all the characters, good and bad. I love the struggle of it all and the sprinklings of lust and laughter throughout. Mainly, I swoon over the revelation I’m hoping the reader will realize and catch within the suspenseful adventure. I’m betting they’ll figure out how The Dead Dance Faster. At least I hope they do after TDDF Book #2 (or 3 or 4).
When you read my books always remember: You exist in time, but you belong in eternity’s loveliness. Find the fearful secrets that keep you from being free; then, don’t be afraid of releasing them and allowing the wind to carry them away, forever.

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