Monday, July 27, 2015

Quick hits. A writing and movie filled weekend.

A few quick things to touch up on as I get ready to start another week.

The last of the anthology stories are in the hands of my beta readers, and it has been an adventure in writing. While Dark Horizons has romance, it's a far cry from writing love in teenage years, to dealing with heartbreak, shattered romance, and wrong choices. I wanted to write not about falling in love with spirits, though one story does deal with that concept, but with facing tough decisions. Losing your soul mate, only to find him again in a very unlikely place. Believing that looks are above all else and not looking deep into a person’s inner beauty. Would you pay the ultimate price to be with the one you searched your entire life for? Emotions play a pivotal part in each one of these stories.
The anthology is scheduled to be released August 25th on AMAZON. I need to point out that some contain slight erotic content.

I am also currently working on my first newsletter. It will be out in a few weeks and will contain news, and a special deal regarding my untitled anthology. If things fall into place, it may also contain a first look at something MORIUM related.

Besides wrapping up the last story, I had the opportunity to watch three movies over the weekend. So, here is a brief one paragraph review of the three I watched.

    Pixels - Aliens attack Earth with 80's videogames and it's up to a band of videogame pro's to save the world. The only characters that are of any interest are that of the videogames. Q-Bert's personality stood out over Adam Sandler's, who plays, well, almost every other Adam Sandler character. I did find the arcade battles entertaining, and attempting to name all the videogames in the end battle was fun. 

Pixels gets two Pac-Man ghosts out of four.   

Teeth - A girl who preaches abstinence is raped by her boyfriend. With that title, I probably don't have to tell you where the teeth are (Hint. They are not only in her mouth). Surprisingly good, Teeth will have guys squirming, and women thinking of a few men they would love to do that to.

Teeth gets 4 severed penises out of 4

Lavalantula - From the people who brought you sharks in tornadoes, this time they bring us fire breathing spiders brought to the surface by a volcano in Los Angeles. Steve Guttenburg and the cast of Police Academy must save the city from these arachnids. Corny, silly, and yet, stupid fun.

Lavalantula gets 2 spiders of 4

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  1. Really excited for the anthologies! You were busy this weekend!