Sunday, March 13, 2016

Between the pages of The Morium Trilogy.

As I'm writing the third and final book of the Morium trilogy, I paused and reflected back as to why I wrote these sets of books. It was more than releasing the one scene that played out in my head; the foundation in which Morium was built upon. I wanted to tackle tough subjects that teenagers may face on a daily basis. The emotional pain that lay buried deep in the conscious of their fragile minds as a result of relentless mental torture. How it might mold them into someone they never desired to be. To do unimaginable things to others, or to themselves.

I dig into sensitive topics that readers may have a hard time reading. Even though these books are YA, I don’t sugar coat. My goal was to provide an entertaining read while bringing forth serious problems;  bullying, self-harm, addiction, loneliness, dealing with loss, sexual abuse and hiding your true self for fear of what others may think. Since it was integral to the story line, my writing had to be raw and to the point, for doing otherwise, would have lessened the impact. 

Is this a dark series? Very. Is this a series for those younger than fifteen? Probably not. There are scenes that are violent. Give any teenager that has bottled up anger and give them the gift of supernatural powers, they will lash out any way they can.

None of this could’ve been possible if not for strong and developed characters. Alexandria (Lexi), Nathan, Stacy, and further in the trilogy, Renee, have their morals tested; fueled by supernatural powers that two of them believe are an entitlement. I want readers to ask themselves how they’d react if they were walking in the shoes of the main characters. As I laid the groundwork for the trilogy, my personal demons from the past, and to an extent the present, had me questioning my own morality. What would’ve I done? 

I hope you come along on the journey and ask yourself; If I had the power to avenge yourself...would I?
You can read a chapter here.

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