Saturday, August 27, 2016

Interview with Carol Sabel Blodgett

Today I had the pleasure of talking to the witty, Carol Sabel Blodgett.

First off, tell us a little about yourself.
I'm from the Midwest. I'm remarried because divorce is so much fun. I have three kids. One is sixteen and just went to military school. Loves it. Weird. My twins are eleven. I live outside Tulsa and moved here from SE Iowa a few years ago. And I just went indie and I’m very excited to be making my own decisions. 

You just went indie. So you were with an agent before?
An agency, yes. 

Why did you decide to leave?
We had MAJOR creative differences. Rather than editing and working together it was "slash this, cut these chapters, this is ridiculous, why would you write this? This is low class and crass..." I was looking to work with someone, or a couple of someone’s, not be brow beat over my work. It didn't start out that way but it wasn't long. 

In other words, full control over your work.
I guess so, yes. I can compromise, no problem, but name calling has no place. I have a new team and I can't tell you how easy it is to work with people who respect you. 

What was the first book you published?
Wanderer. Book One in my series. There are 5 total. 

Have you completed the series?
Book 4 is 3/4. Book 5 will go quickly because I know exactly what I’m doing. 3 is in editing right now. 
Tell us a little about, Wanderer.
My story centers around three characters. My lead male is Seth, he's not been able to die and has no idea why he's able to keep going hundreds of years after everyone he's known has kicked off. Erica is just a regular girl who's anything but regular, though she doesn't know it yet. Roe is the one who's followed Seth all his life, her only ambition is to have him to herself. They all meet up and it hits the fan amid revelations of Seth's past and Erica's present.  Though the end has a twist no one has seen coming, thank God.

Sounds very interesting. When can we expect to see the book?
It was released almost two years ago through my agency. Captive is my second in the came out last month. 

Did you plot out the series, or did you write on the fly?
I write it on the fly. I know where I want to start and how I want it to end but the guts get made up as I go. It's never failed me. I can't make a grocery list, I go blank, so I try to outline my own work is suicide.

I find out that if I try to plot out a story, you think of something better as you write.
I completely believe that. 

What was your influence in writing?
I think my influence was just to get it out of my head. I had my twins and I became so busy with life that when they went to preschool I had all this time and all these things in my head. I paced my house for some time because I knew that once I sat down to write that I would be all in forever and I didn't want to give myself over to that because it's so much work and is just exhausting but finally one day I sat down and pulled up a page and went like gangbusters and haven't stopped. It keeps me up at night and I get very little sleep these days because writing is calling and I answer it. Writing owns me. I think that's the only way we can do it.

Do you have any writing rituals?
Sure do. I have to write a chapter if I sit down to write at all. At least one. I give it a day and go back to reread it and fix it up and start on the next chapter. If I get discouraged, I have various other works I’m in the middle of so I have something to go to and still work. Maybe give me some better perspective when I go back to my main project.

Every writer is fueled by coffee. Are you one of them?
Surprisingly, no. I love coffee, but I'm too lazy to make it. I go for the readily available milk. Right there, in the jug. No thinking necessary. 

What do you find hardest since becoming an indie?
Honestly, just learning how to download or upload my work. It's so peaceful to not have anyone to fight with that I wish I had gone indie first. 

One movie you need to stop and watch when it’s on.
16 Candles

Book that you've read more than once?
The Stand, Stephen King, not the puny one, the 1,100 pg. one.

One of my favorites. The movie was decent.
It was. I watch it when I come across it too. Every single time.

Silliest thing you've ever done?
Tried flirting (when I was 17) with hot college guys on a motorcycle at a stoplight and ran into the car ahead of me. I was trying to look sexy and look over my shoulder as I pulled away and they sat in the turn lane but my light hadn't changed and then I was stuck beside hot college guys while the driver surveyed her damage. It wasn't anything she was worried about and she didn’t' call the cops. 

I would call that an epic fail :)
It's a great story to tell and it's mine. I love it now, but I didn't tell anyone for YEARS.

Thank you very much for taking time this evening, Carol.
Thanks for wanting to do this! I appreciate it so much.

You can find Carol on her social media links.


  1. Great interview. I will need to check out her books.

  2. Love the interview and I have personally read the first book and LOVED it!!! Looking forward to reading the next one.