Lexi's letter. Morium: Terminus


Hard to believe that MORIUM has turned two years old. Even harder to believe that the trilogy will come to an end next year. To celebrate my baby's birthday, here is Lexi's opening letter from the final book; Terminus.

Dear Dad,

Since my last letter, stranger things have happened. My powers have grown although I no longer let it take control of me, and I’ve done my best not to use it.
The day I met Kyle, he was being bullied by Maddie, and I’d finally had enough. I stood up to her, can you believe that? Me. Without needing any power, I stood up not only for Kyle, but for myself as well. It was then that I realized I had within myself a strength I had always been afraid to show. I had never used it to defend myself when I was being attacked, but seeing Kyle being embarrassed for no reason at all, I had to do something. And that is how Kyle and I fell in love. For the first time in a long time, I felt happy.
But, the harassment hasn’t stopped.  Except that now, Kyle was next to me to absorb it as well. Now, I have to worry about his feelings too.
That day, Maddie had posted pictures of naked women online, and photoshopped mine and Stacy’s picture over the woman’s faces. It made me so furious, Dad. I wanted to lash back and teach her a lesson. I could’ve… easily… but I didn’t. You would’ve been proud of how I fought the urge to use this gift, or curse, that was given to me.
Then, there was Stacy. I knew that something wasn’t right with her, but I pushed the thought aside. Remember when I told you that having these powers gave us the ability to take the soul of other people and absorb it into ourselves? Well, we can also do the reverse. That is what happened to Stacy. Nathan had taken the soul of a prostitute and put her inside Stacy. Another entity was inside her before she died. I never knew, until that terrible night at the school.
 I was there the night of the murders, Dad. Maddie didn’t kill Stacy and Ethan. Nathan did. I saw it happen. I tried to stop him, but he was simply too strong. Or maybe I was too scared to use my own powers against him again. He has completely gone off the deep end and has become a danger not only to himself, but to everyone in this town. He blames me for Stacy’s death. He thinks that I turned her against him, but it was his rage that pushed her through the glass window.
It was so awful… I cannot describe to you how painful it was. I held Stacy’s body in my arms and watched as she took her last breath.  I tried to save her by absorbing her soul into me. So she can live through me and I will still have her by my side. But, her soul was not who I took in, but the prostitute, Renee’s. Stacy’s had gone before I could decide on what I should do. I failed her, Dad. Even at that moment, I faltered. I didn’t know if I should use my power to save her or not.
Renee lives inside me now. I feel what she feels. She can speak to me in my mind. She’s a bitter, angry person, and her personality is starting to merge with mine. I fear that one day, she might grow strong enough to take over my body.
I’m being torn apart inside. I feel like I’m losing myself. There are days when I don’t even feel like me. I want to do the right thing, Dad, and be someone you can be proud of. But, I remember the ecstasy of a soul flowing inside me, and I feel compelled to experience it once again, no matter the consequence.
I know it’s wrong, and I will try to fight this addiction for as long as I can. This urge, my conscience, Renee, Nathan… Will I be able to overcome them all, Dad? If I fail, I just wanted you to know… I tried.

Look for Terminus coming to Amazon in the spring of 2017

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