Beginning of Morium: Dark Horizons


  Dad, as I continue this letter, this is where things become hard to believe.
    The night Nathan and I went to the movies to see Dragon Wars 2, we saw something fall into Henderson Woods on our way home…so we went inside to see what it was. There were several objects that looked like rocks, lying on the ground and glowing. We felt compelled to pick these rocks up, and when we did, they dissolved in our hands immediately. We didn’t think anything of it at the time, but that was why we were sick for the week after we’d gone to the movie. It wasn’t the flu; it was those rocks changing our biology of our bodies.
    When we recovered, Nathan and I were different. We both noticed unusual changes in ourselves and each other. Our senses were stronger, and our emotions were also amplified. We both had the ability to heal at an accelerated rate. Those cuts I told you about? Well, the scars have completely disappeared. That’s why I snapped at you the one night.  I couldn’t control what I was feeling.
    It gets stranger. We can levitate, fly, read the minds of others, and discharge energy from within our bodies. I could’ve saved Mr. Cummins that day in the bank, but I hesitated, and it cost him his life. It’s a regret I live with to this day. I was afraid that I might become what Nathan has turned into. He has been absorbing negative energy from people, stealing their souls to fuel his own anger and gain more power. Tyler did not die from heart failure, Dad; he died, because Nathan took all of his energy, and consumed it. Nathan has turned into a hateful, vengeful being, who’s become so obsessed with these powers that he doesn’t care who he hurts. Even if he cared about them a great deal before his change.

   Maddie Cooper crashed into the white brick wall with such force that her backbone and ribcage shattered, the sound like a hundred twigs being snapped by a great beast. Her body, besieged by several protruding shards of glass—a remnant from her trip through the oversized cafeteria window, slid down the wall leaving a trail of smeared blood as she slumped down to the floor.
   Floating gracefully into the cafeteria, Lexi violently tossed aside anything which stood in her way. After shedding her outer shell of despair and sorrow, she felt powerful…superior. Pleasure overtook her as she peered down at Maddie’s motionless body through the uneven flicker of failing cafeteria lights.
    “Call me useless, will you?” Lexi barked sarcastically. She looked horrifying with her drifting ebony hair, unnaturally white skin, and eyes filled with infinite darkness. “Who’s  the worthless piece of shit now?”
    Kneeling before Maddie’s body, Lexi wrapped the ponytail of her long-time tormentor around her hand. Lifting her head, Lexi inspected Maddie’s body.  The soul she hungered for was no longer there.
   Placing her hand on Maddie’s chest, she whispered arrogantly, “Shit. I didn’t want to kill you. I wanted you to become part of me. We would have been an awesome team, don’t you think?”
Lexi jerked Maddie’s red stained ponytail up and down to make it appear she was nodding. Lexi smirked. “Glad you agree with me. Oh well, I guess Tiffany will just have to make do by herself.”
   Lexi ran her tongue along the side of Maddie’s face, tasting the warmth of her blood, before quickly planting a kiss on her already-cold lips. After tenderly tugging at Maddie’s bottom lip with her teeth, Lexi pulled away and levitated to the middle of the cafeteria. With a swipe of her hand, a table smashed into Maddie’s head, shattering her skull into several pieces.
    “Sayonara, bitch,” she hissed.
    Hearing Maddie’s head crack open gave her such pleasure; it quickened her blood. She wanted more. She hungered for that sense of satisfaction she gained by bringing about the death of others—she’s become accustomed to it now. The energy was intoxicating and she needed a steady supply… no matter who it had to come from.
   She rubbed her finger through the blood splashed across her cheek several times. “Now, let’s see… Where did I leave my old friend?” Her monotone voice echoed hauntingly through the hallways. “Oh, that’s right! If I remember correctly, I believe I snapped her fucking leg and left her lying like an animal needing to be put down.”
    The hallways were shadowed with darkness and the sound of her sneakers squeaking with every step was the only sound to fill the silence.
    “Tiffany, I know you couldn’t get far. You can’t hide forever. I will find you,” Lexi assured her.
Striding by the lockers, she methodically knocked on each one, taunting Tiffany. With each step she took, her confidence grew. Her gait was no longer one of shame, but was now driven by arrogance.
    “Come out and play, Tiffany, just like we used to before you turned your back on me,” she teased. “Come out; come out, wherever you are.”
    Lexi stopped in front of the door to Ms. Yule’s classroom. Tiffany was close. She could not only hear her labored breathing, but could sense her fear too. Lexi slammed her elbow against the wood.
    “Remember that time in fifth grade during the choir concert when you got the hiccups right before your solo? How did it feel to be humiliated? To have everyone laugh at you for days? You want to know what the difference is between that day and all I’ve gone through?” Lexi questioned. “It never ended for me!”
    Lexi allowed her thoughts to wander back to the hiccup debacle, and she burst out laughing. “Give me a second,” she said.
   As her laughter subsided, she forced the door from the hinges, sending it soaring into the classroom, which inspired Tiffany to let out a brief yelp from under Ms. Yule’s desk. “See, I couldn’t bring myself to laugh at you when that happened, because I didn’t want to pile any more misery onto what you were already feeling. That’s what real friends are supposed to do. Be supportive in times of need, and not shit on them when things go bad.”
    Lexi merrily skipped into the classroom, pausing to pull her silky hair back and tie it out of her eyes. With the benefit of her abilities, she had no need to feel ashamed. No need to fear what others thought of her. She was the one in control now, and no one could take that away.
    “Hmmm,” Lexi said scoping the room. “I wonder where she could be.”
    Levitating, Lexi glided over to sit on top of a desk. “I love a good game of hide and seek.”
   The Gift had become her weapon of choice, and she loved to use it to inspire fear in her victims. With every word she spoke, Tiffany’s fear grew more rapidly. Lexi could sense the ecstasy to her soul.  Motioning with her hand, Lexi lifted a desk and tossed it against the wall, the booming sound thundering through the vacant halls outside the classroom. “Guess you’re not under there.”
    After lifting several more desks and displacing them, Lexi jumped down and leaned forward onto Ms. Yule’s desk, her fingers tapping a steady beat across its surface.
    “I guess I may have to give up. I just don’t know where else you could be, Tiffany.”
    Tiffany’s fear was strong, and Lexi absorbed every ounce of it. “I’ll just go home. You win.”
    Several minutes had passed without a sound as Lexi stood watch over her concealed prey. Time did not matter to her, for she could wait as long as she needed to, or until she grew bored. She focused on her displeasure over killing Maddie to fill the time. Of all the souls she could have consumed, Maddie’s would have been the ultimate prize. If she’d used just a little less force when tossing her against the wall, Lexi could have claimed her prize. That was irrelevant now, as she was resigned to settling for Tiffany.
    A trembling hand slowly reached up to grasp at the top of the desk. Gradually, Tiffany’s messy blond head came into view as she peeked up from her hiding spot.
    “Hi,” Lexi said quietly.
    Releasing an ear piercing scream, Tiffany dragged herself backwards.
    “What? Do I look scary? Maybe I should get colored contacts?” Lexi mused, pulling her hair free.   “Tell me, Ms. High Society. Personally, I think I’m perfect just the way I am, though I must do something with this hair, don’t you think?”
    She shoved the desk to the side, so that it collided with Tiffany’s broken leg, forcing the exposed bone to push further outside her skin.
    “Ouch, that must hurt,” Lexi snickered. “This all could have been avoided if you’d decided to remain a true friend, instead of hanging out with that bitch, Maddie, who, by the way, doesn’t stand a chance in hell of being crowned prom queen this year.”
    Tiffany trembled fiercely, gripping at her leg in a desperate manner. “W-w-what…do…you want from me?” she stammered in fear.
    Lexi sat on the floor and crossed her legs. Dropping her hands into her lap, she let out a deep sigh of disgust. “That is exactly what I want. You,” she said, punctuating the word with a stab to Tiffany’s chest with her index finger. “I want you to become part of Club Alexandria. It’s an exclusive club–one with membership open only to stuck-up little bitches like you.”
    Tiffany glanced up and caught a glimpse of a dark figure looming behind Lexi. Her panting slowed, and she adopted an evil grin. Her demeanor altered in an instant, and she offered up a suddenly-steady hand, extending her middle finger to Lexi.
    “You’re still a worthless piece of shit.” Tiffany snarled.
    Lexi’s rage boiled over. She grabbed Tiffany’s throat, squeezing with all her might. “Maybe, I don’t want you to be...”
    Red spots scattered across Tiffany’s startled face as a thin, round metallic object came into view right a few inches from her eyes. Lexi glanced down at the pipe, protruding from the left side of her own chest, watching as it dripped blood…her blood and tissue. She felt no pain, her mind filled with curiosity as she ran her hand over the smooth finish, brushing away pieces of her insides which had exited along with the metal.
    “I can’t let you go on doing this, Lexi,” a familiar voice echoed from over her shoulder.
    “You don’t understand, Nathan. You never did,” Lexi insisted, spitting up blood to accompany her words. Her complexion returned to normal, her eyes as blue as the clearest day, once again. “Why would you do this? All I wanted was for us to be together as we were meant to be.”
    Withdrawing the pipe, Nathan watched from behind as a steady flow of blood poured from the hole where Lexi’s heart had been. “It’s for your own good. It’s the only way to save you.”
    Drawing back and filling her mouth with saliva, Tiffany projected a wad of spit which landed between Lexi’s eyes. “Die, you bitch!”
    Lexi fell onto her side, her hearing dying away to silence, the room fading to a never-ending darkness. A faint glow of a light emerged from nowhere, continuing to grow brighter, until it outshone the sun—with Lexi left staring right into it. It was warm, the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen. All her life, she’d never felt so encompassed anything as she had with this light. There was no more pain. No more sorrow. She was at peace. She was home. 

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